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Dog Resort

Berryhill Animal Hospital has one of the largest boarding facilities in Memphis. Here, dogs are kept in large indoor/outdoor runs. Your pet will have the opportunity to run freely in one of our large fenced-in yards three times a day.

Your dog will have plenty of room to stretch out in our large indoor runs. The run doors are open first thing each morning so your dog can go into his even larger outdoor run. They are allowed to go in and out throughout the day, and are kept inside overnight.

This is the inside of our Kennel. We have plenty of indoor/outdoor runs. Please call ahead for reservations.

This is our double indoor/outdoor run. They are 4x8 inside and 8x8 outside. 


Berryhill Spa 


We offer bath packages. Make a reservation, or drop in anytime for our bath package. Not only will your pet receive a bath, but we will trim nails, clean ears, and express anal glands, all for one low price. Call for details.


Hate scratches on your hardwood floors?

We offer nail grinding for 12 dollars!

Bring your baby in for the complete spa package!


Cat Condos


Our Cat condos allow your cat to board in a quiet, tranquil setting. They have a room all to themselves away from where the dogs board. As you can see, there are openings in the condos where your cats can crawl through, and jump to other levels. They listen to the soft sounds of music, and enjoy a window view into a large outdoor area.


All Day Play Packages



Harley enjoying his afternoon on the slide.


 Ludlow playing a little tug-o-war with one of our

kennel techs.

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